A section of cryptocurrency experts have shown optimism that Bitcoin will replace central bank-issued fiat currency by 2040 in a process called ‘hyperbitcoinisation.’

According to a survey by finance platform Finder.com, 50% of the respondents expect Bitcoin to overtake global currency by 2040. A majority of the experts at 20% believe the takeover will happen by 2040.

Elsewhere, 15% of the experts opine that hyperbitcoinisation will occur in 2035 while another 10% place the take over as early as 2030. Interestingly, 44% of the surveyed experts believe Bitcoin will never replace fiat currency.

Some of the experts include Alex Mashinsky (CEO, Celsius Network), James Harris (Director, CryptoCompare), Paul Levy (Senior Lecturer, Brighton Business School), Bobby Ong (Co-founder, CoinGecko), Joseph Raczynski (Technologist & Futurist, Thomson Reuters), Xavier Segura (General Partner, Morgan Creek Digital), Imran Yusof (FX/Crypto Market Strategist, Quantum Economics), Jonathan Zeppettini (International Operations Lead, Decred), among others.

The development comes after El Salvador became the first country in the world to declare Bitcoin a legal tender. Furthermore, a section of other South American countries, including Brazil, are reportedly contemplating declaring Bitcoin as a form of currency.

On Bitcoin price prediction, the respondents acknowledged that despite a short-term price correction, the asset’s price would surge to $318,417 as of December 2025. As of December 2030, the experts noted that Bitcoin would hit an average of $470,000.

However, the majority of the respondents stated that the current debate on Bitcoin’s carbon footprint would impact the asset’s price in the long term. Additionally, a staggering 93% expect the environmental concern debate to affect Bitcoin.