Media company ViacomCBS is getting into NFTs. Amid growing hype around the potential market for NFTs, aka non-fungible tokens — digital assets linked to ownership that’s stored on a blockchain, often used for buying and selling digital art and collectibles — ViacomCBS says it’s partnering with the NFT company Recur to bring its iconic IP and franchises to the world of digital collectibles, starting next year. This includes products and collectibles from shows and films across top ViacomCBS brands like CBS, MTV, Showtime, Paramount Pictures, BET, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.⁠

The company isn’t offering many details about the upcoming project just yet, beyond simply saying that it will involve creating a place where its fans can buy, collect and trade NFTs across its portfolio. It also notes this platform will encourage “peer-to-peer engagement and facilitate innovative ways for users to unlock new experiences,” which signals there’s a social element to the new experience that goes beyond just the marketplace aspects.⁠

Recur, which recently closed on a $50 million Series A, valuing the pre-launch company at $333 million, is currently working on building an NFT platform called NFTU.com. This platform is being created in partnership with digital licensing company Veritone, and will host NFTs created with Pac-12 Networks athletics video content — like sports highlights, for example.⁠

This project can give you an idea of what ViacomCBS likely has in store with its own NFT plans.⁠


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